Portraits At Home
(your home - your comfort - your schedule - your "whole" family)

I started using cameras in the late 70's, mostly for fun, but did do some professional work now and then. In 2002, I went into the business of website hosting and design. (link at very bottom of page) That business is doing ok, but I spend my life sitting at my computer, and I miss being out and about with my cameras, so I decided to do some part-time professional photography work. I thought about the different things I can do and decided to start with portraits at home.
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In today's society, people are just too busy to find time to get a professional family portrait done. When was the last time you had one done? Have you ever had one done yet? Well, now you can get family portraits done affordably at your own home, whenever is convenient for you. Don't miss the opportunity to capture permanent memories of your children growing up, or of you and your spouse while enjoying the freedom of not having kids yet. As a photographer, I would take professional portraits of my family every year, but I don't have a family yet. I think anyone with children should get professional portraits at least every 2 or 3 years. Is it time to have someone "shoot" your family? wink

The portfolio and tips pages are not ready yet, but the rest are up. If you have any questions, just contact me.

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