Legal Matters

For now, this part will be kept fairly simple. I'll make it more detailed, and more "legally complicated", later.

Your rights to the original photos, the negatives:

With pretty much any photographer, the originals remain with the photographer permanently, but sometimes they do offer them to the client at a later date. With me, you can order high resolution digital images of any photos you want six months after the photo shoot, and you can buy the original negatives after one year.

Your rights to the proofs:

After the photo shoot, I will bring or send you an album of 4x6 proofs for you to look at to decide what you want printed. I will leave the album with you to look over for up to 2 weeks, longer in some cases at my discretion. You will have the option of buying this album, in which case, obviously, you keep it forever. If you do not purchase the album and proofs and I do not get them back within reasonable time, you will automatically be billed for them.

Your rights to making copies of your prints:

You have the option of purchasing your proof album. If you do purchase the album, you're free to copy the photos to make your own reprints or enlargements if you wish, but a 4x6 is nowhere near the quality of the original negative. If you do not choose to buy the album, you DO NOT have the right to make copies of the 4x6 prints. If it is found that you did make copies without purchasing the proofs, you will be billed for the proofs and the equivalent fee for any reprints or enlargements you made or had made from the copies.

My rights to using the photos I take:

Before I do the photo shoot, each adult involved in the shoot will be required to sign a standard model release. In most cases a model release will never really be needed, but it's safer to have one. A model release is a paper that says you are giving me the right to use the photos I take for any reason or use covered by the release. In most cases, the only thing I will ever be doing with the photos is using them to show my work, and legally, a model release is not needed for this. The main purpose of the release is so I know that you realise the photos may be used to show my work. If you DO NOT wish to let me show the photos to others, that can be agreed to, but there will be a fee since the photos will have no future value to me.

In all cases, I guarantee to NEVER use or alter the photos in any way that can cause any problems or issues for you or anyone in the photos.

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