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Family portrait pricing consists of 2 stages, the photo shoot and the prints and enlargements. First I'll cover the photo shoot, then the prints and enlargements, then pricing for extras like the proofs and originals, framing and mounting, and custom photo products.
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The Photo Shoot:

The photo shoot usually takes around 1 hour. Actual time depends on the number of people being photographed, number of poses wanted, and partly on your schedule.

Pricing is as follows:

Standard Photo Shoot - $120
family of up to 5 (+$10 for each additional person)
(1 location of your choice with a standard set of pictures taken)

Use the calculator below to get a price with more detailed options, like multiple locations or multiple settings or types of poses.


2 people - $120
a couple, single parent with 1 child, just the 2 kids, or you and your best friend - any 2 people
This covers shooting at 1 location, (your place, a park, wherever), under 1 or 2 different settings, (head & shoulders / full portraits; formal / casual portraits; inside / outside; etc, taking pictures of each person separately and of both together.

Family of 5 - $120
2 parents and 3 kids, single parent with 4 kids, just your 5 kids, or your bowling team - any 5 people
This covers shooting at 1 location, under 1 or 2 different settings, taking pictures of each person separately, everyone together, and various group shots.

Family or group of 12 - $190
you with your children and grand-children, or your whole sports team - any 12 people
This covers shooting at 1 location, under 1 or 2 different settings, taking pictures of each person separately, everyone together, and various group shots.

Use this calculator to find the price for a photo shoot session for you.

How many people are there?
How many locations do you want to shoot at?
This is physical locations, like house, church, playground, rec centre, etc. Different places at a location, like inside and outside, count as 1 location and would be 2 different settings.
How many different settings do you want to do?
This is different settings, poses, and/or locations at the place the pictures are taken at. Things like a set of head & shoulders portraits, full length portraits, casual photos, indoor shots, outdoor shots, etc. A 2nd choice of settings (if desired) is free. Additional settings are extra.
Cost for the photo shoot $
Approximate number of different poses actual number can be 1/2 to 2x this
I take a minimum of 2 pictures of each pose, more for group photos, then select the best shot from each pose to make up the final set of pictures.
Approximate cost of proofs $ (if you want to keep them)
Based on the approximate number of different poses. Proofs are 75 each for the full set or $1.50 each if you only want to keep certain ones.

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The Prints and Enlargements:

For the prints and enlargements, you will probably have an idea what you want before the actual photo shoot, but you don't need to decide exactly what you want until after you look at the proofs. The proofs are usually ready 3 to 5 business days after the shoot. You then look at them and decide which ones you want printed and what sizes you want. I then do any adjustments, touchups, enhancements, or alterations to the digital images*, then get the prints and enlargements done by a quality photo finisher**.
*I shoot mostly with my digital camera, but sometimes also use my film camera. Negatives are then converted to digital and added to the digital set.
**I get the printing done professionally. There is a difference in the print quality compared to most standard printing services, and non-professional printing can degrade the quality of the pictures. We don't want quality pictures printed cheap. 6 months after the shoot, you can buy the full quality digital images and get printing done wherever you want, or just order more professional printing through me.

Each photo you want printed has an initial preparation fee. The fee depends on how much preparation is needed and only applies once to each photo. Future printing of the same photo is only the cost of the printing, unless you want further editing done.

Pricing is as follows:

Basic Preparation - $5 (session fee includes basic preparation of up to 5 photos)
This includes cropping, exposure adjustment, color correction, and even converting to black & white or sepia if desired*.
* If you want a photo in color AND in black & white or sepia, it will be treated as 2 separate photos.

Minor Retouching - $15
This includes minor touchups like pimple removal, soften lines under the eyes, or stray hair removal.

Simple Enhancement - $40
This includes things like removing braces, wrinkle removal (for younger look), double chin removal, adding special effects, or slight changes to content like substituting a face with one from another picture.

Photo Alteration - $50 to $100
Just about anything you would like to change.

Once the photos you want are prepared, they are printed for the following prices:

Introductory Prices
wallet size (2 x 3) - 8/$6
print size (3 x 5 or 4 x 6) - $1.50
5 x 7 - $3.50
6 x 9 - $6.50
8 x 10 - $7.50
8 x 12 - $11.00
11 x 14 - $16
12 x 18 - $24
16 x 20 - $35
16 x 24 - $42
20 x 24 - $52
20 x 30 - $62
24 x 30 - $72
24 x 36 - $82
8+ of same print - 10% off
15+ of same print - 20% off

50% deposit on more than $100 of printing

Larger and custom sizes are available

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The Proofs & Originals:

I use a 16MP camera and/or a 35mm camera. If I use my 35mm camera, the negatives are scanned to digital images of about 25MP. I then select the best shots from each pose to make up the final set and get the whole set printed. That's the full set of 4x6 proofs. You look at those proofs to decide which photos you want printed, then I do any touch-ups or editing needed, then send the final digital images to a pro photo lab for printing.

Here are the prices and availability of the proofs and originals:

The low and high resolution digital images do not include any touchups or modifications, unless it has already been done for printing. You are free to do whatever you want to the digital images with your own software, or I can do touchups or editing on unprinted images for you for the preparation fees shown above.

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Matting, Mounting and Framing:

Matting, Mounting and Framing will be here soon.

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Custom Photo Products:

Custom Photo Products will be here soon.

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