Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy. No information about you, or anyone involved in a photo shoot, is ever shared with anyone else without your permission. Your name, address, or any contact information, collected through my contact form, scheduling system, by phone, email, or in person, is kep strictly confidential. Any photos I choose to display on this site, or in any other way, will not contain any of that information. I also do not provide your contact information to any 3rd parties, like mailing lists.

The only times I will ever give out any of your information are:
1 - if required to do so by law
2 - if it is for a reason that may benefit you, and only after I get your permission

Example of #2:
A company sees a photo on my website or on display somewhere and they think it would be a nice photo to use for their advertising. They may contact me about doing so, and I would then contact you, as long as I still have up to date contact info for you, then I would get back to them with YOUR decision. In most of those types of cases, they would pay a usage fee which I would split with you.

Another example:
A modeling agency sees a photo and contacts me saying they think that person has the potential to be a model and they wish to contact you. I will contact you if I can and tell you about it, then give them your contact info if you want them to contact you.

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